ALPADIA летний лагерь во Франции

ALPADIA Summer Camps in France


Quality French courses every morning combined with excursions, activity-packed afternoons and weekends make ALPADIA the best choice!



Location:      Biarritz, France

Proximity:    30 mns to the beach

Age Range:   13 — 17 years old

Capacity:     100 students

Courses:      Standard; Intensive

Rooming:    Triple Rooms, Hallway Bathrooms

Premium+:  Watersports Plus ; Horse Riding;  Cooking

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Location:       Paris-Igny

Proximity:    50 mns to Disneyland; 20 mns to Versailles

Age Range:   13 — 17 years old 

Capacity:      160 students

Courses:       Standard; Intensive

Rooming:     Single to Triple Rooms, Hallway Bathrooms

Premium+:    Creative Arts;  Fashion;  Football Plus

More information about ALPADIA Paris-Igny

Visit our ALPADIA Summer Camps for French!

Visit our ALPADIA Summer Camps in France!

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